Ashraf Dehghani: Imperialism and Zionism, the common enemies of the peoples of the region

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People around the world now days are witnessing heinous crimes and atrocities committed by raciest Israeli government against defenseless, non-military Palestinian people. Due to the brutal Israeli military bombardments, very distressing scenes of the killing of Palestinian men, women, and children have been created in the Gaza Strip.

Injured children, drenched in blood, in the arms of adults who desperately move from one place to another. Destroyed homes and the remains of the people who lived in those homes, wounded individuals who, in the harsh conditions of war, have little hope of treatment, and a massive population of displaced people, whom the Israeli Zionist government has brought misery upon, while simultaneously blocking the passage of food, water, and fuel to the people in the land that has earned the title of the "world's largest open-air prison" - none of these crimes can be adequately described with words. Now, these defenseless people live in constant fear of an Israeli military invasion into the Gaza Strip, leading to another cycle of genocide day and night.
The Israeli government has long portrayed itself as the watchdog of American imperialism in the Middle East to the informed and vigilant global community. The Zionist rulers of Israel have consistently facilitated the sale of large-scale weapons and the expansion of their military-industrial complex by creating crises in the Middle East. In essence, Israel is considered the base and stronghold of the United States in the Middle East. The importance of the interests that the apartheid Israeli government provides for the United States is to the extent that at times U.S. Presidents have stated the fact that Israel is the 52nd state of America. For instance, Ronald Reagan referred to Israel as the "American aircraft carrier in the Middle East" in 1981. George W. Bush, in 2006 when the people of Lebanon and Palestinians in that country were attacked by the Israeli military, reportedly stated that "What's happening in Lebanon and Palestine is not an Israeli operation supported by America; it's an American operation executed by Israel." Or Joe Biden, who is currently sitting in the U.S. presidential chair, in 1984, while confirming and defending a $3 billion U.S. investment to aid Israel, clearly emphasized that "If Israel didn't exist, the United States of America would have to create an Israel to protect its interests in the region."

Today, the authorities of the United States and its imperialist allies, without making any effort to conceal the face of their war-mongering policies, openly support and endorse the brutal crimes of the Israeli military against the non-combatant people of Gaza, especially against children. They are pressuring for the continuation of this horrific war against the unarmed Palestinian masses. In the midst of this, President Biden, the current President of the United States, has reached a level of audacity where he suggested that the United States should provide Israel with new missiles to restock the missiles that was fired into Gaza (which we know have caused destruction in Gaza and submerged children and non-combatants in blood). In this way, American imperialism and its partners have opened the door for the Israeli government to prepare for another September 11th, using the horrific massacre of Israeli citizens by Hamas, which is condemned as complete occupation of the Gaza Strip.
 Amid all this, what stands out is that if George W. Bush, in 2001, justified his war crimes against the oppressed masses in Iraq and Afghanistan by presenting the events of September 11th as a pretext and claiming to bring democracy and freedom to the people of those countries, today his counterparts have openly trampled on their professed "human rights" claims. They have endorsed all the savagery, horrors, and heinous acts committed by the Israeli army and government, including the cutting off vital resources to the Palestinian people and the use of white phosphorus for the slaughter of civilians. In essence, they have emboldened these criminal forces and practically put in motion a holocaust worse than Hitler's in Gaza.
Truly, one must wonder what conditions in the world under the dominion of imperialists have compelled them to display such audacity and reveal their true faces in this manner.

Let us recall that when the capitalists (bourgeoisie) seized political power in France in 1789, they were in such favorable conditions that they could even nurture enlightened and democratic thinkers like Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. However, today, with the capitalist system facing its inevitable demise, the imperialist capitalists find themselves in such a quandary that they can only maintain their survival and the continuation of their corrupt capitalist-imperialist system by resorting to the most regressive tools and ideologies, such as Jewish fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalism. This is the reason behind all the audacity and moral bankruptcy of the imperialist authorities and their Zionist affiliates. The world of imperialist capitalism is in a state where the rulers can hardly conceal their criminal faces.

The reality is that Zionism and imperialism, the enemies who are brutally attacking the valiant Palestinian fighters today, are the common enemies of all the peoples of the Middle East. Therefore, the struggle of each of the peoples in this region against imperialism and Zionism is part of the broader fight to weaken and ultimately defeat this common enemy. On this basis, it must be said that the fate of the oppressed but resilient Palestinian people is intertwined with the fate of other peoples in the region.

Here, it must be explicitly mentioned that Islamic fundamentalism, as an instrument of imperialist dominance in the region, has also played a role in diverting and undermining the struggle of the oppressed Palestinian masses through affiliated and reactionary groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah. These groups, which engage in counter-revolutionary actions to derail and subvert the people's struggle, pose another obstacle to the Palestinian freedom movement and revolution.

Many compromise forces within the movement have consistently advocated and pushed for negotiations with the apartheid Israeli government, which has shown in practice that it is not committed to any agreements. However realistically liberation of this people lies in the destruction of imperialist and Zionist dominance in the Middle East. This is the only genuine prospect that is realized through the struggle of the resolute Palestinian people, alongside other peoples in the region. In such a scenario, the Palestinian people can live in peace and tranquility, alongside other inhabitants of their land, in a democratic context.
The fact is that all the peoples in the Middle East face a common enemy, and the determined struggles of each of them, including the Iranian people's resistance against this common enemy, which is carried out through confronting imperialist-affiliated regimes in their own country, pave the way for the liberation of various peoples in the region. This shared destiny should undoubtedly make every freedom-loving individual and every revolutionary force in the Middle East realize the importance of supporting the Palestinian people's struggle in any way possible, particularly those in Gaza who have faced the most heinous forms of aggression by imperialism and Zionism.

In the end, victory belongs to the oppressed peoples, and defeat and disgrace are the fate of their diverse enemies.
October 16th 2023

Comrade Ashraf Dehghani