New wave of fascism and Apartheid in 21st century! The world must rise against the Holocaust in Gaza!

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The massacre of children and civilians in Gaza has angered a great majority of people in the world. Governments, UN and the human rights industry have not agreed to a ceasefire. If anything, they have supported Israel to continue its atrocities in Gaza. The current war between Israeli government and Hamas paramilitary forces in Gaza has a much wider dimension. The war in Gaza and to some extend in the West Bank follows other aims.

Amongst all the blood shed, bombardment of the hospitals and residential buildings, genocide of children and people in Gaza, we are witnessing the emergence of a new world order with blood and devastation. The “New Middle East” is the creation and recognition of the rebirth of colonialist policy, annexation of what is left of Palestinian lands, genocide, collective murder of the hungry and the destitute. This is the emergence of the “new Middle East”.

One must not make the mistake of thinking the perpetrators like Netanyahu, Biden and his Western allies do not know the meaning of “war crimes”, collective punishment”, “ethnic cleansing”, and “religious and racial apartheid”. Neither must one make the mistake that Israel is not aware of UN resolutions. On the contrary, the capitalist system that is the creator of such methods, on the back of the rise of right wing, fuels racial and religious apartheid. What is happening in Gaza is the work of US government and its Western allies, Israeli government and the shameless main stream media that justify the holocaust in 21st century. They are all responsible for the genocide in Gaza. 
Both Netanyahu and its allies and the reactionary forces of political Islam rely on religious and racial apartheid and hatred, while the forces demanding a just solution to the Palestinian question, ordinary people of Israel and Palestine who do not want terror and monstrosity are paying the price.  

Netanyahu and his ministers and war cabinet, using the excuse of fighting Hamas are aiming for total genocide and eradication of Palestinians, and hence perpetuating the reactionary conflicts in the Middle East and the world. Hamas is a terrorist and reactionary organisation created by Israel and has sustained its existence by the support of Israel. The 75 year history of Palestine is all about blood shed, war and ethnic cleansing. Hamas was created to weaken the rise of left wing and secular forces in the region. Hamas turned the national question of Palestine into a religious confrontation. On the one hand, Hamas is being used as an excuse for the Israeli government to carry out its policy of annexation. On the other hand it is giving the Islamic Republic of Iran the green light to flex its muscles in the region. Netanyahu, Hamas and Islamic state terrorism have no intention of finding a just solution to the Palestinian question. The only way to reach a just solution to the Palestinian question is to isolate all of these reactionary forces. 

The world population is witnessing one of the most horrific murder of children and hungry people who have nothing to do with this war, nor do they have anyway out of it. They are victims of Gaza holocaust, Israeli racial and religious apartheid. Human rights is dead because the forces in its forefront, like UN do not include Palestinians as “human”. More importantly, the world has not fought enough against terrorism which has led to the Israeli government freely massacring people. They have the support of the reactionary western governments and the mainstream media that are professional in censorship. Israel kills a child every minute, bombards hospitals and does not care at all about UN resolutions. It promises the complete destruction of Gaza and defends its atrocities by claiming “self-defence”. According to health authorities in Gaza, more than 8306 people have been killed in Gaza, of which 3457 are children, 2136 women and 480 elderly. The countries in the region 

are not accepting any refugees because they know there is no way back. Forcing people into corners of deserts in tents is ethnic cleansing. Any hope in the western governments which themselves are accomplices is a mistake. The Palestinian question and its just solution has nothing to do with the terrorist organisation Hamas. Attacks against the people of Israel under the guise of “the natural and historic reaction of Palestinian people against suppression imposed by Israel” is a massive mistake. 

The world must stand against apartheid and killings. The working class and people in the region and the world must rise against this atrocity and the hell it is creating. Terrorism and crimes committed by Hamas against civilians in Israel is condemned. However, the genocide and holocaust in Gaza committed by Israel does not justify this blind terrorism. Air strikes and genocide is not an answer to Islamic terrorism. Workers of the countries in the Middle East and the world have no interest or benefit in the rise of racism and apartheid. People hate the collective punishment in Gaza. People are challenging the hypocrisy of democracy and the defend of terrorism and apartheid by capital. All Islamic and despotic governments in the Middle East must be overthrown. The question of Palestine must be solved in a just manner. Governments of US, Western states and Israel must be forced to a ceasefire in Gaza. The perpetrators of mass killings in Gaza must be tried. 

Immediate stop to the war and bombardment of civilians!
No to Holocaust in Gaza, No to collective punishment of Palestinians!
Down with Islamic terrorism!

Down with Islamic Republic of Iran!
Freedom, Equality, Workers’ State!

Worker-communist party of Iran - Hekmatist
31 October 2023