The war between Israel and Islamic forces is a war against the people!

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The attack by Hamas on Israel and the reaction of the Israeli government are the beginning of a war against the Israeli and Palestinian people, which will take on wider dimensions. Today, Lebanon's Hezbollah entered the war by attacking areas of Israel. The war has so far resulted in hundreds of casualties, thousands wounded and scores of civilians taken hostage.

This is the beginning of a brutal and devastating war, which in its continuation will result in the killing of many more people on both sides. This war is completely reactionary and against the people, from both sides.

Right-wing Israeli factions and fascist Islamic forces both need an environment of conflict and war since their existence is tied to such conflicts. Iran’s Islamic regime is one of the pillars of this war, and desperately needs this conflict so as to divert public attention to other matters than revolution and the struggle for its overthrow at home.

This war must be strongly condemned by all progressive forces around the world. Hamas is a reactionary and terrorist Islamic force that has made capital out of the issue of the Palestinian people and the tragedy of the Palestinian refugees to strengthen political Islam under the banner of reactionary opposition to USA and Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah belong to the ultra-reactionary Islamic movement, of which Iran’s Islamic regime is an important part.

On the other side of this war, stands one of the most right-wing and reactionary Israeli governments, which more than ever denies the basic rights of the Palestinian people. Clearly, for Netanyahu’s beleaguered government, this war is a blessing to stifle internal protests in the name of confronting terrorists and to establish its position by stoking religious-nationalist sentiments. On the other side of the war, Hamas, Iran’s Islamic Republic, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and all the other political-Islamist forces exploit the anti-Israeli sentiments of the Palestinian people to mobilise the oppressed Palestinian people under the reactionary banner of Islam. 

Specifically, the Islamic regime of Iran, which sees its regional position threatened after the Abraham Accords, with Saudi Arabia and the UAE drawing closer to Israel, seeks to benefit from this war. The regime in Iran, which has played a role in practically preparing this savage incursion, is trying to divert attentions from its internal predicament and regional and global bankruptcy brought about by Iran’s Woman Life Freedom revolution, and to try to regain its lost position in the region.

All these ethno-religious forces benefit from the fact that the Palestinian issue remains unresolved and the conflict between Arabs and Israel continues. Their agenda is not the resolution of the Palestinian issue, but the continuation of war and hostility. A just and viable solution to the Palestinian question is a two-state solution, Palestinian and Israeli, with equal rights. This solution, however, is growing increasingly less feasible and out of reach, with, on the one hand, the threats for the ‘annihilation of Israel’ by the Islamic forces, and, on the other, the cobbling up of "autonomous" Palestinian governments, effectively under the tutelage of the Israeli state.

The civilised world must rise up against this war and the reactionary forces on both sides. This is a war that is going to create a bloodbath in Israel and in the region, especially in the Gaza Strip. The progressive forces of the world should call for an immediate end to this barbaric war and to push for a just solution to the Palestinian question. The saving of thousands of innocent lives in Israel, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank depends on the action of the progressive people of the world today.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran calls on the people of Iran and the world to emphatically protest against this destructive war and its criminal initiators, demanding an immediate end to it. Inside Iran too, we should stand up to the Islamic regime’s pro-war propaganda and not allow it to use this conflict to try to recoup its losses in the region, having already been driven to the brink by the Woman Life Freedom revolution.

Worker-communist Party of Iran

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