Hope you are well. Since the murder of Iranian Kurdish woman Mahsa Jina Amini for ‘improper’ veiling by the Islamic regime of Iran’s morality police on September 16, there have been ongoing mass protests led by women and girls.This is being called a women’s revolution, the main slogan of which is ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ and ‘We don’t want and Islamic state.’ Join us in solidarity actions to show your support!

The radical director of Breathless and Alphaville, and who was a key figure in the French Nouvelle Vague, has died. Peter Bradshaw on Godard: a genius who tore up rule book without troubling to read it. Jean-Luc Godard, the French-Swiss director who was a key figure in the Nouvelle Vague, the film-making movement that revolutionised cinema in the late 1950s and 60s, has died aged 91. French news agency AFP reported that he died “peacefully at home” in Switzerland with his wife Anne-Marie Mieville at his side.

Nasa has released an image of far-flung galaxies as they were 13bn years ago, the first glimpse from the most powerful telescope ever launched into space, which promises to reshape our understanding of the dawn of the universe. The small slice of the universe, called SMACS 0723, has been captured in sharp detail by the James Webb space telescope (JWST), showing that particular cluster as it was 4.6bn years ago, as well as the light from many different twinkling galaxies which are among the oldest in the universe. Joe Biden, who unveiled the image at a White House event, called the moment “historic” and said it provided “a new window into the history of our universe”.

Condemn trumped-up charges against trade union activists in Iran! Arrests of two French teachers’ trade unionists in Iran and the scandalous coverage by the Intelligence Ministry and IRI Broadcasting. Statement of the Coordinating Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations, in Response to the Ridiculous TV Show of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Against the Teachers' Union Activists

Celebrating Dissent 2022 is being held in Cologne, Germany during August 20-21, 2022 with over 50 speakers from 30 countries worldwide, including Scientist Richard Dawkins, Writer Bonya Ahmad and Actor Nazmiye Oral. Find out more about the conference here. This will be the largest gathering of ex-Muslims and freethinkers since lockdown and will continue from the highly successful Celebrating Dissent in Amsterdam in 2019 as well as the 2017 ‘Glastonbury of Freethinkers’.

What the war in Ukraine taught us, Palestinians: We fight our oppressors, and we get branded terrorists. Ukrainians do the same, and they get applauded for their courage. Members of the Territorial Defence Forces prepare to patrol in Kyiv, Ukraine, February 28, 2022 [File: Mikhail Palinchak/EPA-EFE] Since the early hours of February 24, when Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, the world at large has been watching the Ukrainian people’s bravery and resilience in awe.

Ukrainian forces say they have repelled an attack on the country's second city Kharkiv after fierce clashes with Russian forces. Regional governor Oleh Synehubov said the city was now rid of Russian troops - after street-to-street fighting.Thousands spent the night in basements and shelters, with intense shelling described by one resident as "something like Star Wars above your head". "The wave of the blast was so strong that my ears popped," another said.

George Monbiot: There’s no solidarity in ‘sovereign citizen’ protests — only incoherent rage. Protests such as the Ottawa truck blockade are sweeping rich nations. But the movements are based on capitalist delusions. A protester walks in front of parked trucks as demonstrators continue to protest the vaccine mandates implemented by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on 8 February 2022 in Ottawa, Canada.

After the dramatic turn in events, with Russian President Vladimir Putin recognising the breakaway republics in eastern Ukraine followed by the sending in of Russian military forces, we are publishing a statement by the Russian IMT comrades, elaborated together with Marxists in Ukraine and the Donbas, in opposition to this inter-imperialist conflict. On 15 February, the Russian State Duma voted in favour of a proposal for immediate diplomatic recognition of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People's Republic (LPR).

Rasoul Bodaghi, one of the protesting teachers, was arrested: On December 11, Rasoul Bodaghi, a member of the executive board of the Teachers' Union and a member of the Coordinating Council of cultural union associations, was arrested. The reason for this arrest was the call for two days of strike and sit-in and one day of nationwide protest rally by the Coordination Council. Rasoul Bodaghi has already been in prison for seven years for defending teachers' rights.

Rasoul Bodaghi, a member of the board of directors of the Islamshahr Teachers' Trade Association and a representative of the association in the Coordinating Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations, was violently arrested by the security forces on Saturday, December 11, 2021, at his home. During the arrest, security officers confiscated his communication devices and his wife's mobile phone, and shamelessly even denied Bodaghi the right to wear appropriate clothing.

The systemic oppression and persecution of worker activists and supporters of the Iranian labour movement continue. Leila Hosseinzadeh is a well-known social anthropology student and researcher at the University of Tehran and a supporter of the labour movement. According to the news published, including on the Telegram channel of the "Student Union Councils", Leila Hosseinzadeh was arrested on the Tuesday, December 7, 2021, coinciding with Student Day in Iran, while traveling in Shiraz.

The European Commission has accused Belarus's authoritarian leader of luring migrants with the false promise of easy entry to the EU as part of an "inhuman, gangster-style approach".At least 2,000 migrants are now at the Belarus border with Poland."Upon arrival they are being pushed to the border and forced to make an illegal entry into the European Union," said Commission spokesman Peter Stano.

Iran’s downing of Flight PS752 – and the justice that has yet to be served – must not be forgotten: Irwin Cotler is the international chair of the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights and a former federal justice minister. Amanda Ghahremani is an international human rights lawyer and a research associate at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia University in Montreal. Alex Neve is a senior fellow at the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs and former secretary-general of Amnesty International Canada.

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