May 1st: the embodiment of the bipolar conflict of the worker and the capitalist!

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 Communiqué of Worker-communist Party of Iran - Hekmatist on the occasion of First of May, International Workers’ Day  It's May 1st. The day of the world unity of the working class and the old and necessary call of the workers of the world unite.  On this day, in front of the eyes of billions of people in all parts of the world, the basic difference between two classes and two distinct movements is highlighted.

On International Labor Day, many countries and cities witness marches and meetings of workers and people protesting the exploitation and oppression of capitalism and on the other hand, we are witnessing the resistance and standing of the governments and institutions that protect the order of capital. The propaganda of governments and their paid missionaries serves to impose an unstable multipolar capitalist world and to marginalize the continuous class and political conflicts of these two hostile poles.

Therefore, in the age of abundance and rapid development of industry and technology and the globalization of capital, the acute gap between poverty and wealth is widening. The constant imposition of poverty on billions of people and the concentration of capital and social wealth in the hands of the few capitalist minority and their governments is ongoing. Against this situation and the tyranny of capital, the intensification of class and political conflict, sometimes hidden and mostly open, is inevitable. May 1st is a call to the working class of the world to put this upside-down world on its feet with its unity, organization and partisanship. To put an end to the dominance of the order that is the source of exploitation, oppression, war and the disasters of the capitalist system. Capitalist governments in all countries have made it their usual policy to cut wages and impose economic austerity. Simultaneously with the economic and livelihood influx; they encourage intellectual, political and cultural backwardness and religious ignorance, patriarchy, racism, ethnocentrism, nationalism, racism and fascism. The spread of unbridled terrorism, and wars and killings are forcing the violation of basic human rights. May 1 is a global opportunity to confront this criminal system.

In the past one year, the continuation of strikes and labor and social protests in European countries and four corners of the world was a necessary and rightful reaction to the unbridled attack of the bourgeoisie. In particular, the powerful strikes and protests of the workers and the libertarian people of France, the heir of the Paris Commune, in the last two months, promise a new round of the class struggle with the compass of dismantling the disastrous capitalist order. This brilliant battle and fight has caused the fear and concern of the bourgeois rulers in France, Europe and the world. The heroic struggle of the French workers against capitalism is a model that the global working class should learn from its experiences and lessons in their struggles in different countries and apply in their protests and deeply support it.

What is undeniable is that without these protest lines, the world would be darker and more unbearable. The existing strike and protest battles, despite the absence of the socialist horizon and the communist party in order to overthrow capitalism and establish a new labor and council order, at the same time remind us of the deep-rooted fact that "the real life and daily practice of the vast masses of people It always indicates a deep hope and belief in the possibility and even inevitability of a better future".

This year, the working class of Iran welcomes May Day in special and revolutionary conditions. The revolutionary uprising of the last eight months has gained many experiences and radical achievements and has provided a more favorable balance of forces for the expression of labor and mass existence on the International Workers' Day. The expectation and expectation is that the labor movement and its leaders and activists will come to the field as the leadership force of combative developments and the helmsmen to take control of the society's destiny and take up the flag of freedom, equality and liberation of the society and represent a national and labor indictment against the existing capitalist order. Unite the ranks of the working class and the labor camp against the humiliatingly low wage set under the name of "minimum wage" and for the realization of "adequate wages and universal welfare".

The expectation is that they will insist on the radical achievements of the eight-month revolutionary uprising and on the solidarity and unity of the important struggles that have arisen in the radical protests in meetings, speeches and resolutions of the workers. Emphasize the continuation of rightful protests against economic and political oppression, against arrests and repression, against the arrest and captivity of labor and mass activists, and the immediate release of all political prisoners.

On May 1 this year, the society should be called to stand against the tragedy of using chemical gas against our children in schools with widespread social protests, the Islamic Republic and its agents should regret these fascist and suspected Nazi crimes.
Finally, on the 1st of May, let us announce that if the helm of the society falls into the hands of us workers, with the huge resources and wealth that we are the creators of; we provide freedom, equality and prosperity of all citizens. If the result of our own work, the products and the wealth of the society are in our possession, we will create a better world and a better life.

If the power is in the hands of our workers; With this money and wealth, which is the cost of the wide and long system of governments, parliaments, armies, oppressive forces, wars, and religious, national and non-religious superstition institutions, we will immediately end poverty, hunger, unemployment, and existing diseases. We provide a decent life for today's people and all citizens of the society.

Long live May 1th!
Long live Worker internationalism!
Long live Freedom, Equality, Workers’ Rule!

Worker-communist Party of Iran - Hekmatist
April 13, 2023