The occupation of the American universities in defence of the Palestinian people

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The global civil protest movement against Israel's genocide and the support of Western governments has recently sparked a broad and comprehensive protest movement among the students in the American universities. This humanitarian movement began initially at Columbia University in New York and has gradually spread throughout the United States.

So far, students at around forty American universities, including Columbia University, the University of California known as "UCLA," New York University, City University of New York, George Washington University in D.C., Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Princeton University, New Jersey, Polytechnic Institute of California, Boston, International University of Florida in Miami, Atlanta, Georgia, North-eastern University, Rice University in Houston, Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, Michigan, Arizona in Tucson, and others, have taken refuge, held protest rallies, and set up encampments on university grounds.
Students demand an end to Israel's crimes and genocide in Palestine, an end to American military, arms, and political support for Israel, and an end to American universities' political and financial relationships and agreements with Israel. These protest actions have faced a wave of support among university staff. It is said that a broad spectrum of university academics, researchers, administrative staff, and others have joined students and condemned the brutal police aggression, arrests, and attacks on universities.
The widespread wave of student protests continues to confront Israel's brutality and the support of the United States’ government and its Western allies, facing broad police repression and attacks. Hundreds of students have been brutally arrested so far. Meanwhile, the biased and manipulative media outlets in the United States, alongside the government and police, have labelled organised groups of knife-wielding and pseudo-fascist pro-Israel supporters who entered universities and attacked students with cold weapons as "clashes between supporters of Palestine and Israel", earning deep global resentment from civilized people, students, and the American public.
The Biden administration is under pressure from escalating protests and has been significantly weakened by the students’ protest movement in universities. A movement that directly holds both chambers of Congress and the ruling parties responsible for Israel's crimes and genocide, while simultaneously opposing American militarism and, moreover, against poverty, deprivation, and the repressive actions of the ruling elite in America! They have come out to defend individual, political, and social freedoms and to end the genocide of the Palestinian people. The Biden administration, unable to control this vast protest movement, is deeply concerned about its impact on future American elections and the moving away of the traditional Democratic Party supporters away from the party.
Currently, the wave of students’ protests in America is escalating every day. Supporting students in America, raising the flag in defence of the Palestinian people, and opposing Western governments' support for Israel's genocide and demanding sanctions against Israel and the severance of political and economic ties with this country have turned into a global movement in universities. So far, gatherings have been formed at universities in England, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Lebanon, Greece, Cuba, and elsewhere, and more universities join this humanitarian movement every day.
Students’ protests in America and other countries constitute an important part of a global and broad movement that has been ongoing for more than 7 months worldwide against the massacre of the Palestinian people, against the full support of the Western countries for Israel's crimes, against their media, and, moreover, against these governments' aggression towards the achievements of humanity to date. A movement that is the only real and powerful supporter of the Palestinian people. A movement that is the only hope for these people to end war, crime, massacre, hunger, displacement, etc. Joining the new wave of protests in universities, supporting students, strengthening this movement, and striving for its victory to strike a blow to the killing machine and crimes of Israel is an urgent task for the global working class, civilized people, workers’ unions, organisations, parties, and humanitarian institutions.
Hekmatist Party (Official Line)
May 5, 2024