Statement of Isfahan Iron Mill Factory Workers: Protesting and demanding is the legal right of our workers / End the pressure and harassment of our comrade workers

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After our strong and united presence on Saturday December 2 and the resounding slogan "Special security and baton are no longer effective", Koohi, the CEO of the company, with thousands of humiliations tried to justify the sending of the special unit last year.

But immediately on Sunday and Monday, by bringing special security forces and goons with batons into the company and threatening, summoning and arresting our comrade workers, as well as preventing them from entering the plant and confiscating their badge, this traitorous and anti-worker CEO clearly showed that "repentance" of reactionaries is death.

We will clarify a few issues with certainty:

1-      The full implementation and amendment of the job classification plan, which has been stolen from us for almost 10 years, is the legal right of our iron mill factory workers.

2-       The desire to equalize the rights with other steel companies, even though our company was and is one of the most powerful and profitable steel industry hubs in the country, it is a valid and enforceable request.

3-      Demanding an increase in wages and bonuses is an obvious and absolute right of workers due to the skyrocketing inflation and the inadequacy of workers' wages.

4-      All workers have the right to freely establish their own independent organization and demand their rights through it. Due to the absence of an independent organization, our peaceful protest in the factory premises, which is the workers' home, without the slightest violence and lawlessness, is our most legitimate right.

But in contrast, what actions are unjust and illegal:

1-      Hijacking the right to life of workers and their families through the non-implementation of job classification in the last 10 years and, as a result, the non-payment of wage increases resulting from the implementation of this plan, is theft and looting from workers, and is illegal, inhumane, and a crime, shame on you.

2-      It is illegal and unethical not to respond to the voices of the workers who are in a bilateral contract with you and who eat the bread of their efforts and hard work.

3-      Putting pressure on workers, threatening and summoning them, arresting and punishing them just because they demand their legal right and since they are protesting against your oppression and looting of their surplus labor, it would be against the current laws and based on any kind of religion and beliefs, it is heinous and anti-human.

4-      Bringing military forces and special guards into the workplace of iron mill factory, which is one of the country's economic poles, is definitely illegal and incidentally disrupts the entire order of the factory and should be considered a crime. Shame on you for committing these acts in the past year that have not been seen in any history before.

The list of our legal demands and your illegal oppressions and crimes is very long and cannot be pointed out more than this. Now, after our rightful and legal protest, the reactionary rapacious management and security as the main enemies of the iron mill workers have once again acted in a cowardly and treacherous manner, started harassing and intimidating several of our comrade workers, they intend to continue to brutally crackdown and violate the rights of our iron mill factory employees. We must continue to struggle and expose the reactionary nature of these greedy management.

Our comrade workers who have been illegally arrested must be released immediately and without any conditions.

The problem of comrade workers whose entry and exit process has been disrupted or whose badges have been dysfunctional must be resolved immediately.

We firmly emphasize our demands, including correcting and fully implementing the job classification plan, increasing wages and bonuses, along with other demands. Don’t even think about avoiding and ignoring our demands. You should immediately initiate and announce measures to fulfil the demands of our workers. Don't forget that 18,000 personnel are working in this mill factory and the gatherings we have organized so far have always had several thousand workers and other employees. In conclusion, we firmly declare that you should not test the strength and will of our workers again. Don't make us show you our power in bigger dimensions and at higher levels!

Do not forget that the wheels of this industry turn with our hands and in any time can be stopped with our hands!

The countdown has begun for you!

Isfahan Iron Mill Factory Workers' Assembly

December 4, 2023

AWNIDecember 16, 2023

AWNI No. 191          Secound Period          15th Dece. 2023