On the occasion of International Women’s Day Against Women’s Subjugation, Against Gender Apartheid, For a Socialist Equality!

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Communiqué of Worker-communist Party of Iran-Hekmatist:  Women in Iran have risen. Women in Iran have risen against subjugation and gender apartheid. Women are not fighting for reforms of the regime in Iran, they demand its total downfall.

They demand an end to a regime that tries to sustain inequality and gender apartheid. The new generation has revolted against humiliation. The burnings of the Hijab (the latter being the symbol of gender apartheid) demonstrated radicalism and demand for equality in the society. It was the manifestation of the strength of the revolutionary uprising against one of the strongholds of political Islam in the Middle East.  The immediate aim of this movement is the overthrow of the Islamic Republic. Abolition of all anti women laws is the necessary condition to be rid of Islamic barbarity and the ignorant religious prejudices. However, the sufficient condition is to abolish the capitalist system. A system that relies on and sustains suppression by imposing all kinds of discrimination, gender apartheid being one of them. 


The Islamic Republic of Iran has continued crimes against women, men and even children since the August 2022 revolutionary protests. It continues to execute the activists and terrorise the people. However, people have not given up and have been extending their protests. The Islamic Hijab is practically ignored in many places. The religious apparatus has lost face more than any other time. The ideological pillars of the ruling class has crumpled. Poverty and financial devastation is ripe and is surviving only by the power of weapons and suppression. There is no solution within the regime. Women’s liberation movement and worker’s strikes have had a determining role in defeating regime’s incurable and ever-increasing crisis. This time, women’s revolt found its roots in the traditions of 8th March, international movement for equality between women and men. It has gained universal sympathy. 



Revolutionary Women, Men, Workers and people!


Show your strength on International Women’s Day. Show your initiation in any form you can to demand freedom and equality. We must burn the Hijab and protest against all Islamic laws. Let's exhibit images of our loved ones, who were killed by the regime, on street walls. Our slogans are: Equality, abolition of Islamic Hijab and gender apartheid, freedom of all political prisoners. Let’s emphasize on our solidarity with women’s liberation movements in the region, specially women in Afghanistan. “Down with Taliban, in Kabul or Tehran” is our common slogan. Any victory in Iran is just the beginning of important developments in the Middle East. It will isolate terrorism and




the rule of Islamic religion’s industry. Taliban and Islamic governments in the region will not rest in the presence of revolutionary waves of protests. 



Worker-communist Party of Iran-Hekmatist fights for unconditional freedom and equality of men and women in all aspects of society. This is our point of reference regarding closeness

or distance with any women’s and revolutionary movements. Our policy is to strengthen secular, egalitarian and socialist movements. We support the revolutionary struggle of women and men to rid the society from the yoke of political Islam. We are struggling for equality and socialism. Let’s raise this flag everywhere!



Long Live 8th March!

Down with Islamic Republic!

Freedom, Equality, Workers’ State!