From Auschwitz to Rafah

شخصی سازی فونت
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Hekmatist Party (Official Line) May 29, 2024 
On the night of Sunday, May 26, the Palestinian refugee camp in Rafah turned into the crematorium of Hitler's fascist regime in Auschwitz. Thousands of men and women, young and old, and children opened their eyes to the inferno that the fascist state of Israel created for them amidst the sound of bombs and explosions. More than 45 innocent and defenceless people burned amid the fire and smoke, and dozens more were injured.

The heart-breaking images of this crime, of a beheaded child, of men and women burning in tents among bullets and fire, of the charred and dismembered bodies of people who had sought refuge in these camps as their only means of survival, pains any human being.
This barbarity led to global protests and a wave of anger, bitterness, and hatred of the Zionist state of Israel, this fascism of the 21st century. Tens of millions of people around the world took to the streets spontaneously against this savagery, this madness, and this crime, demanding an end to this genocide and barbarity.
Such a crime and massacre is occurring at a time when students, representing the global movement for the freedom of the Palestinian people, have established support camps for the Palestinian people and against Israeli genocide in dozens of universities worldwide, especially in countries allied with Israel such as the USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, and others. Trade unions in many countries have held various gatherings against Israel’s genocide and against the support of the Western governments for Israel. The call to boycott Israel, to cut all political, economic, and military relations, and to take immediate and practical action against Israel’s crimes and ending of this barbarity has echoed around the world more than ever.
The attack on the refugee camp in Rafah is taking place at a time when not only the civilised people of the world, not only the United Nations and international organizations, not only the International Court of Justice, but also the Western governments allied with and supporting Israel, under the pressure of freedom-seeking and humanitarian people, had warned against such an action. The International Court of Justice, under public pressure, issued an order to immediately stop the attack on Rafah, and open passage for humanitarian aid. Meanwhile the ICC itself, faced with the broad public pressure, and in order to retain its credibility, is dealing with issuing arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Gallant for war crimes. These orders, despite their lack of executive power, are significant as they officially declare the end of the political immunity of the fascist leaders of the Israeli state.
The fascist Netanyahu-Ben Gvir government, which is facing a deep socio-political crisis in Israel, a government that has become more isolated than ever before under the pressure of the global movement for the freedom of the Palestinian people, out of desperation, commits any crime. For the past 75 years, the fascist-Zionist state of Israel has never adhered to any international law or treaty. It has had political immunity due to the unconditional support of the US government and its allies. Today, however, the Israeli state is under so much pressure from a global movement that it has practically and officially stripped its political immunity, and in its final moments, it is committing massacres and untold crimes of barbarity.
This extent of the crimes and insanity of the fascist state of Israel, the barbarity and cruelty of the leaders of this state can only be seen in as that of Hitler and Goebbels and their crimes in setting up gas chambers and crematoriums in Auschwitz.
Today, the call for the trial of the leaders of the Israeli state, the call for the trial of a large number of the leaders of Western governments and ruling parties, from the leaders of the U.S. government and both Democratic and Republican parties, to the leaders of the British government and both Conservative and Labour parties, to the leaders of the governments of Germany and France, and so on, along with the leaders of the fascist Israeli state, is being echoed in the streets. Freedom-seeking people around the world rightly consider not only Netanyahu and the leaders of the fascist Israeli state but also the leaders of all those governments and parties that support this fascism - without whose unconditional political and financial support and military assistance this genocide would not be possible - as accomplices in the crimes of Israel in the genocide of the Palestinian people.
The pressure from the humanitarian and peace-seeking movement for the freedom of the Palestinian people is so widespread that it has worried all the allies of the Israeli state. The concern about widening rift between freedom-seeking people and these governments in Western countries, the concern about the exhaustion of the last remnants of the lost legitimacy of the "free world" with all its political and ideological foundations; the concern about the complete and total discrediting of the grand claim of the "international order based on laws" and the institutions that maintain this order, and in a word, the collapse of the "Western democracy" empire, is a reality that has fuelled the hollow condemnation of this crime among the supporters of the Israeli state, and their shedding crocodile tears for the innocent children consumed by the flames.
At a time when, from the perspective of the civilised and humanitarian humanity, the "international community" with all its institutions has become discredited; at a time when diplomatic games and useless resolutions and empty condemnations have lost their effectiveness, such a nauseating masquerade of “condemnation and the need to protect civilians”, without any practical action and real pressure on Israel, is abhorrent. Today, the Palestinian people recognize their true supporters, the only serious opponents of genocide and the barbarity of the Israeli state, the only force capable of ending this barbarity and genocide, to be the Palestinian freedom movement and the peace-seeking and humanitarian people of the world. The liberation and freedom of the Palestinian people from the hell that the fascist state of Israel and its allies have created for them requires a stronger presence of this global movement and a broader presence of the working class.

Hekmatist Party (Official Line)
May 29, 2024