The lives of political prisoners are in serious danger

شخصی سازی فونت
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13 political prisoners were transferred from the notorious Evin Prison to Ghazal-Hesar prison without prior notice. In protests, they collectively refused to accept the prison's food. They reported and their families confirmed their horrible situation and demanded to return to Evin prison.:
Saeed Masouri, Jafar Ebrahimi, Kamyar Fakour, Loqman Aminpour, Afshin Baimani, Sepehr Imam Juma, Zartosht Ahmadi Ragheb, Mohammad Shafi, Saman Saydi (Yasin), Hamza Sawari, Ahmadreza Haeri, Reza Salmanzadeh and Masoudreza Ebrahiminejad . 
News coming out of prison indicates that the authorities did not follow and observe the legal procedures. They were not registered as prisoners in entry. They have been refused contact with their families, they are denied phone calls and visits, and they do not have access to any facilities in the prison.
In the prisons of the Islamic Republic, the lives of political prisoners have always been in danger. Just with a  Khomaini’s order thousands were murdered in a day and two, or now using silent methods and declaring it suicide. 
The killing of political prisoners in the years after the new regime took the reign of power. has not been forgotten and will never be forgotten, just as we have not forgotten and will not forget the murder of Bektash Abtin the writer and poet in Evin prison.
Some of these prisoners were in severe physical condition before being transferred to Ghazal Hesar prison, and the news indicates that they are still deprived of medical care. Now the lives of the above mentioned prisoners are in serious danger and it is feared that another "intentional crime" will occur.
Undoubtedly, preserving the lives of prisoners is the unquestionable responsibility of prison authorities and the Government of Iran.
                                    Iranian Writers Association